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Playboy Vacation Inc. is widely known as the leading adult vacation resort in the Dominican Republic.


We offer the most amazing and innovative service by providing our distinguished guests with the ultimate fantasy vacation experience.


Imagine going to a country where the majority of the women prefer to date an American, Canadian or European man?

Welcome to the Dominican Republic.

Our company connects sexy Dominican women with successful foreign men. We personally introduce you to the most beautiful women in the Dominican Republic and our girls are not 'working' girls. Most of them are regular college girls that are looking to have a good time and meet some rich ''gringos'.

Sound too good to be true? Read our reviews.

We have figured out a brilliant way to connect beautiful Dominican women with successful foreign men. We are more like a dating agency except we introduce you to women that never say no!

And, they stay with you 24 hours a day in the comfort of your own private villa with a swimming pool..

We have brought a brand new concept of 'dating' to sex vacations that make them exciting, fun, safe, romantic and most importantly, legal. 


Our girls are not prostitutes. We do not pay them and ask that you respect our strict no monetary exchange policy. 


Your Playboy Vacation with us will be more like a 'girlfriend' sex vacation as opposed to a 'prostitute' sex vacation.


When you sign with Playboy Vacation, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


You will meet beautiful, sexy, women eagerly waiting to party with you AND you will stay in the lap of luxury, in your own private villa with a swimming pool where you can have dinner with your girls and share romantic experiences with each of them.


If you are looking for a sex vacation on an entirely different level, then we are the company for you.


Read  Our Reviews!



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