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Sex Vacation Reviews - Dominican Republic

Just returned from quite possibly the most amazing experience I have ever had.  I work basically 6 days a week.  I dont have much down tiime and really never just take a vacation.  Well last Thursday I said to hell with it I need some sun and some fun.  So I started looking into places to go that I would not have to worry about needing a car or food or girls.......Damn did I find it. 

I booked it and flew out early Friday morning.  Landed in Puerto Plata at around 1:30 was met by a chauffeur his name is Lee.....very nice extremely helpful in telling me places to go.  I arrived at the villa about 20 minutes later and was greeted by three stunning hostesses,  Angela, Kayla and Anna......then as I walk in the Chef had lunch already prepared...delicious....

The villa had a pool and hot tub which I'll talk more about shortly.  After lunch I wanted to go hit the beach so Lee took the girls and I to Cabarete beach.....amazing water and great bars and places to go.  Happens to be one of the largest Kite suring places in the world unkonwn to me.  We had drinks and just chilled for a few hours.  A great day but the night was going to be way way better and I had no idea at the moment what I was in store for.

We get back to the villa around 6:30 and the girls turn on some music and change into swim suits and we climb into the hot tub.  Drinks are being brought to us by the staff and everyone is getting relaxed and having thing I know the girls tops are off and we are all making out like just right there......I'm a rookie at traveling alone so I had know idea what was in store.  Lets just say it was like a damn movie.  The girls were so into everything.  The whole time the chef is making us dinner.  Ha!  This goes on for a while and just blew my mind...   We hop out of the hot tub and go dry off and the chef has shrimp tacos waiting for us on the table.....again food was delicous....

Its pushing about 10pm by the time we finished eating.....was the night over hell no....the girls started dancing and oh my can they dance.....which led to round 2....


We did it everywhere in that much fun!!!

This is just day to lets just say was even better.....time flew by so fast my only regret is I did not stay longer.   

I highly recommend  Playboy Vacation. Great service and a totally all about what you want experience.......

Call them!


(The VIP Package)





Payton, thank you again. What an amazing vacation! The villa was beautiful. The staff were so kind. The girls were outstanding. The chef, I could go on and on... 


The pool party was wild. I loved skinny dipping with the girls. What a night! Thanks for the upgrade. Your candor and genuine desire for my satisfaction shows why you have the best operation in the DR.


Please feel free to give my what's app number as a reference to anyone that's on the fence like I was. 


I plan on telling them I highly recommend Payton and Playboy Vacations. Especially for guys that are recently divorced. This is the medicine every guy needs after a messy divorce. Thanks again and in the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger "I"ll be back!" 


Chad, St Louis

(The Platinum Package)

I want to start my review off by saying “Just Do It!”.  

My buddy and I wanted to get away for a couple of days out of the cold NY/NJ area and enjoy some sun and women.  I started doing my homework on the internet and found a few options in the DR, which looked very interesting.  I came across Playboy Vacations website and it just looked to good to be true.

So I called the number listed on the PV website and sure enough Payton picked up immediately.  I almost didn’t know what to ask about since I thought for sure it was all BS… we spoke for a few minutes, Payton gave me an overview of what to expect and I ended the call knowing that I needed to speak with my friend to confirm.

I thought for sure it was some type of scam.  I tried looking up Playboy Vacations all over the internet to see if I could find some type of review other than what was listed on the PV website, which I thought were all written by Payton himself…lol.  I couldn’t find a thing…and now I know why!

So after a few more phone calls and conversations with Payton I decided to book our air and go all in…I started to feel more comfortable with the process because Payton began recommending very particular things to help make the vacation even better.  What really got me excited was the conference call my buddy and I had with Payton about a week before our trip….

Payton got into so many particulars about what type of girls we each wanted, since we both had two girls each for 3 nights, down to body style preferences, and favorite positions etc. etc. etc.  


Then the conversation turned to the type of food we wanted our personal chef to prepare including all Breakfastt/Lunch/Dinner/snack and of course what types of alcohol we preferred.  I will admit my excitement meter was at  110% when we ended the call.

We were still a little anxious when we landed until we were met by our driver the minute we walked out of the airport.  How did I know it was our driver, because Payton is so detailed that he emailed me a picture of the driver and what he would exactly be wearing down to the color of his shirt.   He took our bags, handed us ice cold beers and we were off…..

We entered a gated community and pulled up to a very beautiful and private villa, where Payton was waiting outside to greet us…once I heard his voice, I knew it was Payton!  The party started the second we walked into our Villa.  We were greeted by our personal Chef and our Bartender with glasses of Champagne and my mouth hit the floor with the four beautiful chicks standing in front of us dressed to the impress, and hugging / kissing us like they were our girlfriends on a mission to treat us like KINGS!.

The girls were exactly the ones we had picked the week earlier off PV website, and they looked even better in person…OMG!  They couldn’t do enough for us, I promise you, you won’t find better looking girls that will just do anything and I mean anything for you and are so happy to be with you.

I had originally discussed with Payton about possibly hitting the beach one day with all the girls and maybe hitting a dance club with all of them one night.  Payton told us our driver would take us anywhere anytime and would line everything up for us….

We never left the Villa for a minute in the 4 days!!! There was absolutely no reason to, we had everything we needed.  Payton took care of everything for us.  The villa had a beautiful pool with an amazing outdoor kitchen are where the girls thoroughly enjoyed dancing on the bar/laying by the pool, playing with us in the pool, and much much more….there was no reason to leave.


We had our Chef making fresh food, all day and night.  Every type of name brand liquor including champagne and our glasses were never empty, the staff and the chica’s made sure of that.  We had fresh local caught fish, tacos, and the ribs were amazing…in between our meals, they prepared dishes of fresh fruit to snack on, cheese plates, anti pesto ……my buddy actually asked for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches one day which isn’t a common request in the DR and magically he had PB&J sandwiches the next day and they even cut the crust off for him.  Amazing!!

The girls were the main attraction of course and Payton made sure of that.  It was truly like what Hugh Heffner must have felt like…I wanted one with a thick DR ass and one that was a spinner and Payton delivered on the money!  These girls know what they’re doing and I can tell you they gave me some of the best times of my life, trust me when I tell you they know how to make a man very happy.  I’ve been to other type of sex vacations in the past…Jamaica/Amsterdam etc and I can tell you by far NOTHING compares to Playboy Vacations and Payton!!!  


I couldn’t ask for anything more except to go back as soon as possible.  Also, don’t miss the nightly ‘contest’ that the girls put on for you, these girls could be dancing at any club in NYC or Vegas, and there moves are outrageously sexy!!

I was so content on the last day, but of course was sad to say goodbye to the girls and the staff for an incredible time, and Payton.  He is larger than life and makes sure personally that everything is as I expected from the minute I was picked up to my drop off at the airport.

I can’t thank Payton enough and I’m already planning my next trip for our Birthdays in February…(PAYTON)!!  This time I’ll be going back with a few more friends as they will never forget it.  Hands down this was one of my best trips ever and I will never forget it, the images are engrained in my memory for a lifetime.  Like I started off saying  “Just Do it!”


Thanks Payton, see you in February!


Buddy South - NY/NJ


(The Platinum Package)

Excellent vacation!  I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to make an exception because Payton and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty. Playboy Vacation is the real deal. All the reviews on his website are accurate. He plans your vacation prior to arrival and everything is exactly as advertised.  Payton must’ve been in the hospitality business at some point because he knows how to accommodate almost any situation. He called me every day from Canada to make sure I was ok and having fun. He has a passion for his job and the desire to see all his guests leave with a big smile on their faces. 




(The Platinum Package)





Me and my best friend got tired of dealing with inflation at the strip clubs. I remember a buddy of mine talking about a sex vacation. So I looked it up and inquired with Playboy Vacation. They had the best website and best of all I was contacted by Payton. We agreed on the Platinum Package. As an American for the fact that Payton is bilingual it makes it very comforting, he speaks English vey well. We got off the phone Payton told us how to make the deposit and to go ahead to book our flights. 


One week before we arrived Payton sent me and my friend a list of girls and list who our top choices are. He also sent a picture of a guy to meet at customs for an expedited line "so worth it!" and our driver. Payton said a great job of bringing comfort as soon as we got into the car he called the driver to let us know we were with the right guy.


When we arrived we entered the gated community and there was our villa as advertised! All other websites you are to stay at a resort with other people. Not Playboy. We had a 4 bedroom villa all to ourselves. Payton greeted us at the door, we saw our chefs and of course the beautiful girls. It was our top choices. The food was good, if you are into trying different cultural foods I say let the chefs do the cooking. Then it was nonstop dancing and pool parties. And of course your sexual fantasies with two beautiful women of your choosing. 


Throughout our stay Payton was very accommodating always checking up on us. He really made sure we were treated like VIPs. The women are beautiful Dominican women who loves to party. Ask Payton about the sex show, I suggest to try this your first night.


To top this all off me and my buddy enjoyed it so much, that we went back a month later and had even more fun than the last time! The staff remembers us and really makes us feel like we are special. We look forward to coming back again and bringing more friends next time. 



(The Platinum Package)

Payton is Mr. Roark. Playboy Vacation is Fantasy Island. Remember that show Fantasy Island from 80's? This it is. Add a sexual spin to it and there you have it. Boss, da plane!


I had some pretty wild sexual fantasies and I had heard about Playboy vacation dominican sex vacations from a friend of a friend. I thought it sounded too good to be true but I said what the hell, I'll take my chances. I did some research and Playboy is cheaper than all the other sex resorts in Dominican Republic and they accept paypal. 


I'm in my 50's and on a budget and Payton helped me choose the right package. He made me feel very comfortable. Being recently divorced, kids gone for the holidays, I was a little reluctant to spend Christmas Day by myself in the Dominican Republic with some seedy escorts. Glad I did. 


I found PV online and called the number. Payton picked up and I was sold. I had read all the reviews on his site and can confidently say they are all true. He is a very funny guy and also very direct. He will tell you everything straight up with no bs. And, he used to be a dating coach so he is very easy to talk too.

As soon as I got off the phone, I purchased my flights and sent him a deposit. So, the way it works is you purchase your flights, forward your flight itinerary, pay a deposit and then he sends you a virtual lineup of girls to select.


I took the platinum package with free pool party and got some great girls. They are were a lot of fun. I had the best Christmas in a while. I don't write reviews but had to review Payton's playboy vacation.  

I arrived in POP and the immigration line up was full. There must've been 100 people in line. Pro tip: Get international internet. I texted Payton when I landed and somehow from Canada he got me through the line up! How? I still have no idea but he did it. 


This is just the beginning of his little surprises. Payton loves to surprise you and they're good surprises. For example, I was supposed to have 2 girls in my package and when I landed, Payton said "sorry, I fucked up, there are 3 girls at the villa. I was still thinking at this point that this must be too god to be true. I was going to arrive at the villa and get 3 scary girls. Not! 3 gorgeous girls and all from my list of girls I had previously selected. I was happy. No details but lets just say these girls know what you want and how to deliver. They will do ANYTHING you like. Be smart. ask Payton to help you with the selection process. He knows all the girls. It can get overwhelming. I think I got something like 43 girls I had to choose from. Too many.


Everything including the staff, the chef, Julio my host to the food to the girls was spot on. I couldn't have asked for more. The chef is outstanding and shes always smiling giving you drinks. 


My only issues was with the hot water at the villa and the electricity went out for a few minutes here and there but its to be expected. I travel to the Caribbean all the time and these things happen regularly. There was a big storm and Payton's team handled it very well. Julio my host took care of it right away. 

All in all it was a  vacation with some sexy babes and I would recommend Playboy vacation and Payton K.., I mean Mr. Roark to anyone looking to have fun, relax and feel young again. 

Thank you Payton. I'll be back for a brand new fantasy next year. 


(The Platinum Package)

I just returned from 4 nights with Playboy Vacation, and  – WOW!  What a blast, and PV delivered better than my expectations in every way. I have traveled the world extensively, and rarely have even felt compelled to write a review.  After what Payton and his team offered and actually over-delivered, not reviewing this vacation would be a crime. I have to admit, their prices are higher than the other companies in the DR but the mantra "you pay for what you get", could never be so accurate. After all, you get your own private villa, a full staff of 6 people, the best looking girls you have ever seen, all the top shelf liquor you can drink and meals that would give any 5 star restaurant a run for its money!


K, now to the review. So, the fun started the moment I walked out of the POP airport.  After great instructions on where to meet, which were provided the week prior, I was greeted by Payton and his driver, and certainly not to be overlooked, a lovely (hot!) lady were all waiting curbside for me.  That was a surprise as I initially was to meet only Payton's driver there and this attention to detail is only the beginning of Payton’s insistence on over delivering.  High fives exchanged, smiles on all our faces, a cold beer cracked, and we were off to what were an unforgettable 4 days and nights.  I’m still smiling and I’ve been home for almost a week.


On the way to the villa, Payton had another surprise when we stopped and picked up another jaw dropping beauty who greeted me with a warm hug and kiss.  There I was 10 minutes after arriving in Puerto Plata sitting between bombshells, both smiling, happy to be there, and giving me attention like a long lost lover.  These women were gorgeous, classy, pleased to be there, and ready to party.


I chose the Platinum Package for 3 nights, which includes a private super villa and the company of 2 ladies each day and night.  5 minutes after picking up the second lovely lady, we went through the gates to get to the Villa (felt great to know all on the website was actually what unfolded – it’s totally safe and private), and we arrived at a killer villa.  I’ve heard a lot about vacations in the Dominican Republic, and I can safely say nothing compares to the accommodations Payton lines up for you.  It’s a fully equipped villa, with 3 bedrooms, pool, patio, living room, fully equipped kitchen, and an excellent staff that takes care of every single need you could imagine.  Payton has put together a great team of chefs and servers, and the ladies are amazing in every way, and I felt at home and relaxed the moment I stepped in the door.  Cold beers or mixed drinks were offered up with hors d'oeuvres, and the fun times began.  


A few words about the staff:  These guys don’t miss a beat.  They are there to take care of your every need, but somehow only there when you actually want them to be.  They anticipate when you do need something but are in the background when you don’t – perfect.  Just about the time you might think the drink needs a refresh, one is placed in front of you.  Just the time when you think a snack would be good, out comes snacks.  They have it dialed in.  The chef put out some food that was OUTSTANDING.  We had paella one night that was the best I ever had, and I’ve had some good paella.  Another night he cooked a shrimp pasta dish so good you couldn’t stop eating.  Full breakfast with eggs, pancakes, various meats, breads, etc.  I can’t imagine it being any better.



















The ladies:  I’m sure I can’t convey in writing how great these woman are.  Yes, these girls know why you are there, but to associate them with prostitutes would be a huge injustice.  Simply, they aren’t.  Payton has created an environment where these women can come and meet foreigners, have fun, partake in excellent meals in a beautiful villa with great conversation, and yes, have sex with you – a lot of sex with you – more than you’ll be able to handle!  Unlike other vacations of this sort, where women go to their “job”, wait around until it’s time to “service” you, these ladies are there to be with you and are having as much fun as you are!  That’s the beauty of it all.  They will treat you like a best friend with a ton of benefits.  They drink with you, eat with you, hang out with you poolside, sleep with you at night, and all the rest of the fun you’d want is there in a big way too.  Payton has created something special for sure.  Treat these ladies kindly and with respect gents – they most certainly deserve it and they will reward you ten times over if you do.  


The extracurricular activities:  OK gents, if all the above wasn’t enough, it all kicks up to a whole different level in the evenings!  Payton sets up contests with these girls, and to go all out, it was decided this contest was to be with not two, but four smoking hot chicas!  Gents, throw a hundred or two in the pot to get things revved up and you will get rewarded with a show like no other.  Nothing in the States or Canada even comes remotely close!  I won’t go into specifics on everything that happens in these shows, but if you’re thinking it’s just a ramped up sexy strip show - that would be a huge understatement – it goes WAY beyond that!  It will blow your mind guys.  We did the shows 3 nights in a row – enough said?


Finally, Payton:  From the moment we first spoke on the phone I knew this man had it all figured out.  He is very honest and communicates directly with you. He is on top of every detail of your trip.  He replies back to emails within minutes. He is smart, genuine, a businessman, well-organized, and has an absolute insistence on excellence.   He knows hospitality, knows how to put it all together to create an unforgettable experience, and will accommodate whatever he can to make your trip the very best it can be.  He treats his entire staff including the ladies like his friends, but they also know he’s the boss, and they respect him and his business 100%.  Not to mention he’s just a great person and I’m certainly proud to now call him a friend.  Keep truckin Payton!


My fourth night, by the way, was at the resort as I decided to extend one extra day and the villa was fully booked up.  The resort is perfectly fine, and I chose to spend the final night with one of the lovely ladies I had spent the previous 3 nights with.  I’d recommend, however, if you plan to spend some time at the resort and some in the villa, do the resort first.  Once you experience the villa, you won’t want to leave!


Gents, get out of the cold rain and snow, give Payton a call - you won’t regret it.  Treat the ladies respectfully; they were all really wonderful women and deserve it, and you will not regret doing so.  I’ve been trying to figure out when I can go back the day I left!  

A big thanks to all the ladies, the staff, and to you Payton!  See you next time – hopefully soon!


David Sigler

(The Platinum Package)

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Playboy Vacation welcome lunch with fruit platter
Playboy Vacation culinary creations.
Playboy vacation  private chef.

I just came home from a week at Playboy Vacation. Believe me when I say it is everything that it's cracked up to be. The views are stunning, even breathtaking. The villa where I stayed had everything you could ask for. The master bedroom is spacious, air conditioned, and has the most comfortable bed you can imagine, and I know from personal experience three people can sleep in it very comfortably. The walk in closet is huge, and the bathroom is huge too, including the tub, that will also fit three people. The shower is probably best suited for two, but who is going to quibble over that !! If you've already looked at the pictures of the facility, trust me, they are authentic and 100% accurate. It is truly outstanding.


I can't begin to describe the meals. I think the pork chops and the chicken were my favorites for dinner. Breakfast included eggs over easy and scrambled, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes and more. Anything you want is there for you. There were fruit plates on the table at every meal. You won't ever be hungry. Not only is the food outstanding, it is prepared to look as good as it tastes.







How about mixed drinks. I had gin and tonic, bloody Mary, screwdriver, and varieties of Pina Coladas, all made perfectly. The local beer is also quite good. Someone in the kitchen overheard me say I was a coffee drinker. During my stay there, there was always a coffee cup for me, unless I told them I'd had enough.


The employees are great. They are constantly available whenever you need them for anything. A simple thing like an ashtray with a cigarette butt will disappear within seconds to be replaced by a clean one. Early afternoons, there was always a sandwich or some other snack brought to me, and again something would be prepared late afternoon, since we usually had dinner around 8 PM. They are polite, they are there when you want them, and they know how to disappear at the appropriate time. They want to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and they definitely do just that.


The girls are something else. They are beautiful, they are “talented” and they are nice company even when you're not in bed, the shower, the pool etc. They are extremely pleasant to be with for 24 hours at a time. The degree to which they speak English does vary, but even those who speak limited English are able to communicate very easily. They are quite flexible, in more ways that one. If you've looked at the pictures and profiles of the girls, I'd say that the vast majority of them are much more attractive than their pictures. By the way, I was met at the airport by a driver and car, a beautiful girl, and an ice cold beer. Now that is first class, and a hell of a great way to start a vacation, especially when you don't know if you're about to enter Paradise, or if you've been scammed. It was a week in Paradise.

I should mention too that you are not going to find a single hidden cost of any kind to surprise you. If you want an extra girl for the night, there is a fee, but you know that before you get there. If you land at an airport other than POP, you pay a fee to get to the villa, but you know that up front to. I'm talking about the little hidden costs that seem to pop up on any vacation. They don't exist here. None, zero, nada, zip.


Let me add, that I don't write reviews. I felt like I wanted to this time because this place is so special. I already have a reservation and a plane ticket for my next visit, and that's the truth. I'm not getting anything out of this review personally and it's only being written because I wanted to. The only mistake I made about this place is not coming here a lot sooner.


Want to fulfill your bucket list? Here's the place to do it. Everyone at Playboy Vacation makes you feel special, and the girls have such nice and varied ways of doing that. Need I say more? I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. They are young and attractive and interested in meeting men. They are NOT hookers, they don't ask for money, and they are so nice to sleep with and wake up with in the morning.  They're just sweet young girls, many in college, but definitely no dummies.  Be nice to them, they deserve it.


From the first time you communicate with Payton, and talk with him on the phone, he gives you all the details, answers your questions, and gives you a total and honest description of what is in it for you. He's there every step of the way and he is sincerely interested in you personally having the time of your life, and he's 100% successful at doing it.


If you make a mistake, it will be by not going there.  Special thanks to everyone there for making my vacation a dream trip.


The Professor

(The Gold Package)


Playboy vacation reviews menu options.

I must say this was the best vacation ever. To be fair, this was not my first rodeo. I had tried a few other sex vacation resorts in both Puerto Plata and Punta Cana and I told Payton about them. He said forget them. Once you go black, you'll never go back! I couldn't stop laughing and he has no black girls! None. I kept asking for one. He's like sorry bro, no soup for you. (inside joke too funny). We laughed and laughed. What a great time. Nothing came close to this experience. It was like I was on vacation with my best friend. You know, the one who gets all the girls and knows how to get them naked within seconds. That's Payton. (I just summed you up in a sentence lol!) Big shout out to Big P and the staff. You guys rock!



(The Platinum Package)

Not even sure where to start. This was one of the best vacations/weeks of my life. Payton and his posse are awesome. All the info on the website, pics and the reviews are spot on.  I did a lot of research on this type of vacation and looked at a lot of places, websites, reviews, etc. I thought it was a little hard to believe and wondered what the catch was, or if it was even safe for this type of thing. The truth is it was incredible, safe, fun, relaxing…..just a completely ridiculous week with some ridiculously fun, sexy and gorgeous women.


I talked with Payton a few times prior to arriving to arrange the down payment, discuss my tastes in food, drink…and of course women, and to answer any of my questions. He was great, very helpful, available and set up a great week for me. He emailed me pics and videos to help with my choosing… I said before, just ridiculous how fun, gorgeous and sexy these girls are. Anyway, I felt very safe and secure heading there, and was confident it was going to be a great time. He took the stress out of it so I could relax and just show up and have fun.


His chauffeur was there to pick me up at the airport as discussed….he actually had 2 amazing girls with him. I guess the girls aren’t always with him to pick you up, but they were for me and I was hooked immediately…..absolutely incredible!! I was ready to take them both back home with me right then. It was a short trip to the private villa….very safe and was an awesome villa!!


From that point on it was perfectly awesome. Payton was there, along with his staff, Joel, Jose, and dominican bruno, and of course the amazing girls. The food was made to order (as discussed prior to my arrival) and was awesome and plentiful. The food was fabulous and I was well fed the entire week. Drinks… as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted, again, made to order. From the time I got up in the morning (or sometimes early afternoon) to the time we wrapped up the party in the bedroom at night, I lived like a king!! If you are thinking about this, be sure to ask Payton about the nightly shows (depends on what package you do….but absolutely worth it). I’m not sure what else I could have wanted….except for it to never end….still trying to figure out how to accomplish that.


The girls were just amazing as I have already said multiple times. They were all hot, sexy, fun, attentive, adventurous (bonus). They were very laid back and flexible…at times, we hung out, played, drank, talked, danced….a wonderful girlfriend experience. Other times, we just had some good old fashioned FUN!!


I was actually very sad to leave, for obvious reasons, but also, because in a very short time, Payton, his posse, and the girls became like a family away from home. I'm a Surgeon and have a very busy work schedule, but I’m already trying to figure out when and for how long I can get back.


If you’re thinking about this type of vacation, I urge you to do your research so you can be comfortable with your decision. Read about what its all about, etc. Go on blog sites, ask questions. Then, pick your location. I will forever be biased now. I have been to other “places” and this is hands down the best ever…..anywhere!! He is the best concierge I have ever had, and I left having made a good friend. 


I will leave my contact info with Payton. He can offer this to prospective adventurers at his discretion. Time permitting, I can talk or email if you have questions.


I was ready to go back….as I was getting on the plane to leave and that feeling has not gone away. I will go back to party with Payton, his crew and the girls.


Just an absolutely incredible week with some absolutely incredible people!!!


I owe Payton a huge thank you!!!!



(The Gold Package)


Here's my review Payton. I had to cut it short. 


Just got back from a four night platinum package and Payton was kind enough to throw in a free pool party. The funny thing is, I didn’t get in the pool once that day lol. This was my third vacation with Playboy Vacation and it was just what the doctor ordered. 

I arrived at the Villa and knew exactly what to expect. FYI all their villas are Airbnb villas, and they're located in an upscale gated communities I was at Ocean Village Deluxe. It’s a resort style complex with a water park, restaurants, etc. They have a beach too but its too rough to get in. Get your chauffeur to drive you to the nice beach. It's called waterfront.


This complex is not a sex resort like Oxygen or a cheap all inclusive hotel like dr nights (avoid). It’s a high end gated community with regular vacation homes and villas. You need a golf cart to get around. The beach is five minutes away and you’re also five minutes to town. All the other resorts give you a hotel room and a girl for 2 hours a day. Payton gives you an entire villa with a pool all to yourself and girls that stay with you 24 hours a day for less than the rest. It's a no brainer. 


Payton‘s chauffeur Robert picked me up in a brand new Suburban. It was military green and very easy to find. Payton sends you pictures of all the girls, his staff, the car etc. prior to arrival so you know exactly what to expect. He’s very thorough and it’s a very satisfying experience. It’s always been the same. I make my reservations, I send him my flight itinerary, I pay a deposit, and he sends me like a thousand pictures and videos of girls with Whats app lol. Not that many but be prepared to receive a lot of pictures.


Payton always has 40 to 50 girls for you to choose from and he always gets new girls. The website says 30. It;s not true. One of my gripes with him is that he doesn’t update the website enough. He has so many more girls than what’s advertised. And, I understand where he’s coming from because the girls all have phones and don’t want to be on the site but it’s a sad injustice.


Text him on Whats app and ask him to see all the girls. His girls are outstanding. I am 52 years old, and I have been to almost every resort in the DR and nothing ever compared to Playboy Vacation and a lot of it has to do with Payton. He listens to what you want.

I arrived at the villa and I had picked Trinity and Amber. They met me in bikinis with pina coladas and both looked better than their pictures. Payton is very crafty. He sends you average selfies of the girls and his girls are beautiful so you’re impressed but then when you meet them in person, ooh la la. 


Trinity was tall and toned and Amber was young, sexy, and very petite. They were both very sensual, but I have to give you a pro tip here, always take the girls one on one. They are much better when they are one on one with you.  This is my third trip, and it’s always been the same. The girls shine when they have their private time with you. I like to take them one on one at the beginning to get to know them and then, at the end of the night, take them both together for the ultimate threesome experience. Payton gave me this pro tip on my first trip and it has served me very well. 


I took Trinity first and OMG. This girl is a natural. She is a nymph just like her profile says. I have never been with an SP like this. I kept her all four days.


Amber was more quiet. She was amazing as well, but she was a little shy, as opposed to aggressive like Trinity. They balanced themselves out very well. Amber was sensual and a great kisser. That’s another thing I love about playboy vacation is that all of Payton‘s girls offer the GFE. It's the only resort of its kind in my experience and I've been to Colombia and all the resorts in the Dominican Republic including three different places in Punta Cana, who all promised a GFE but once you arrive, the girls just say no. Amber and Trinity never said no to anything. Not once.  

Don't waste your time and money guys. Do yourself a favor and call Payton. He will give you the vacation you deserve.



Thanks again man. I was going to finish the review but just couldn't find the time. I hope this is okay for now. I figured ill finish it when i come back next time. lol. 


Frank S.

Miami, Fla

(The Platinum Package)

Payton, thank you. You were right; that was the vacation of a lifetime. Your chef was fantastic. The drinks were amazing. The staff were all so kind. The Villa was beautiful. The girls... my god the girls.


I could go on and on...


I loved skinny dipping in the pool with all the ladies. Thank you for the free upgrade and everything you did. You really do have the best looking girls in the Dominican Republic. I can honestly say that was the best sex I ever had in my life.


I never had a threesome before, let alone with two nymphomaniacs. 5 stars.


Richard L.


(The Gold Package)


Best Regards,


Jack. Long Island, NY

(The Super VIP Package)







Have to give a shout out to Playboy Vacation in the Dominican Republic (

Recently returned from a 5 night VIP stay with them. From the moment first contacted for availability to even 2 days after returning when Payton called to check up, this was a professional and smoothly operating company that went above and beyond making sure I was completely satisfied with their services.

The company is run by a guy named Payton, ex Toronto Radio personality now entrepreneur in bringing smiles and memories of the wonderful DR and the ladies available down there.

The private villa he gave me was top notch from the décor to the staff (chef, butler, guide, maids) and the private pool. All this made relaxing and recharging from the usual workday stresses a breeze. BUT then toss in the 3 senoritas that accompanied me 24 hours a day and it was pure magic. Found out a king bed can sleep 4 quite snuggly. Not going into the full log of what happens but these ladies treated me like a long time lover, competed for my affections while still showing a complete understanding that it wasn’t an exclusive arrangement. Hell, they were waking me up at times to take their turns not the other way around. And they can really move and have some stamina once turned loose.

Guys a tip though, treat them all (staff and the chicas) with respect and its amazing what you will get in return. Also a tip, bring some cash, about $100 a night to get the party started each night. The contests really got the girls going. They return such a small amount in spades. And he has cheaper packages or can customize ever further - mine started as 2 gals but once I arrived ...

A thank you to each:

Stephanie – such a sweet heart and great kisser
Elizabeth – watch out for this one as she may well be running the place but can she move and shake
Jerri – has the moves and alone is like having a tiger in bed

Pedro – best guide in the area and knows all the ways of the DR
Jesus – professional chef and while I didn’t get to see him too often, my appetite did
Joel – I am sure you got a kick out of being my butler, easy job and a great mixologist


And last but definitely not least, Payton – my fellow Canuck. Thanks for making this all possible and putting up with my quiet ways





(the VIP Package )

























What’s Up Payton!!!


Thank you for the most Amazing Vacation/Birthday/ Weekend I’ve ever had, everything was amazing and 1st Class. More importantly, not only did I feel safe, but I felt like Family, and for that I am truly grateful.


I’ve already recruited 2 more people for my next Trip out to the DR. Thanks Again player, this was an amazing experience and only the 1st of MANY more to come.



(The Executive Package)




My playboy vacation was just what the doctor ordered. I had the best time at the Villa. Payton upgraded me to another Super Villa for free. It was superb. I took the Super VIP package with 5 girls and am I ever glad I did. I played golf, went deep sea fishing and even took the girls zip lining. My butler was the nicest, kindest person you have ever met and the chef created meals out of a magazine. I was with Bella, Jazmine, Chanel, Jenni and Angelina. Bella was hot and could strip at the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas if she wanted to. Jazmine was sweet, quiet and the girl next door. (I like that). Chanel was exciting, funny, passionate and so very talented. Angelina was an animal in bed (mamma mia) and Jenni was very pretty. They were all very attractive and very attentive. They always asked for me, served me first, brought me drinks, kissed me, touched me and never ceased to amaze me in the bedroom. Every day was an adventure with these girls. I truly felt like they wanted to be there with me as much I wanted to be there with them. I don't know how he does it but he has the best girls. Sweet, sincere and sexy. I took them shopping, told them they could have anything they wanted. Payton gave me a look like I was crazy but I wanted to do it. They had done so much for me and I know they're much less fortunate than our girls so in my mind this was the least I could do. In the end, shopping was one of the highlights of my vacation. It was hysterical. Like lining up outside of Bestbuy to buy the new iphone. These girls ran through stores like there was a time limit all along coming by and kissing me with everything they bought. A few even picked up lingerie to model for me. Great!


I was apprehensive to reserve this vacation originally because here I was an American traveling to a foreign country with a big wad of cash and I didn't know anyone or what to expect but my host Payton was very professional. He explained everything to me over the phone the week before I arrived, met me at the gate with beers, security and an animation staff that cracked me up the entire time. He really made me feel very comfortable from the moment I reserved my flight to the second I left. I highly recommend Playboy Vacation. Make sure you call and speak to Payton. He will take care of everything for you. If you want to take a classy adult vacation, this is the company to use.




(The Super VIP Package)




Very pleased I chose Playboy Vacation. It was FANTASTIC. The girls were hot and very into me. My room (The Erotic Resort) was beautiful and I LOVED the fact that there weren't that many people hanging around outside or by the pool. That allowed more freedom and privacy. I had some fun in the pool. :-))


Payton was great. He desired to design a dream vacation for me, and very professional throughout. To sum it up, I had an excellent time and this was the most amazing, awesome vacation I ever took.



Thanks Payton,



(The Resort Package)





Perfect vacation. Perfect girls. Perfect villa. Perfect beaches. Perfect chef. Food was excellent. The drinks were flowing. The girls were stunning. Everything about this vacation was f@&%g perfect. I liked how you conference called us all before we arrived and asked what each of us wanted. No surprises. No, hidden fees. No bullshit like the other places. It was perfect. You knew it was going to be perfect. You're very intuitive, it's like you were born to do this. We loved it. Charlie and Dan want to come back and they want 2 girls this time. I'm fine with 1 and besides I don't want Angelina to get mad at me. lol. I'm trying to take time off work now, they're making it difficult. How busy are you after Christmas day? Thanks again for a perfect vacation. :-))




(The Executive Package)





I was in the Dominican Republic and called Playboy Vacation. I asked for an outcall to Punta Cana. They drove 5 and a half hours and brought me 2 of the best looking girls i have ever seen in my life! It only cost me $600 a girl. What a steal. The girls stayed for 2 days and my vacation was complete. I highly recommend Playboy Vacation. They deliver girls to your front door like pizza!  





First time experience in the Dominican Republic or erotic vacation for me but I made the right choice in where and who I picked. The experience was amazing, and the selection and quality of girls was mind blowing. Payton went above and beyond what I expected or even hoped for, and made my days fun packed and safe, and my nights crazy. It really is whatever you want, the hard part is choosing between all the girls once you’re there.



(The Villa Package)




Playboy Vacation hmm... how can I write you a testimonial hmm? Lets see...hmm. Shall I talk about the 10 smoking babes waiting for me when I arrived? NAH! Shall I talk about the sick ass pool party you threw me? NAH! Shall I talk about the steak and lobster? NAH! Shall I talk about the 18 year old Scotch and the bottles of Dom? NAH!! Hey, I know... I'll talk about the sex... Hubba Hubba! 7 girls in one day...BOOM!!!! Your name says it all...  I'm coming back after my divorce and you're throwing me a divorce party!!  Mutha fuckaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!



(The Bucket List Package)




I get off the flight and get picked up in a brand new BMW X5. Not that it matters to me, but it was a nice touch to get off a long flight and have a nice ride waiting outside. I was a little disappointed at first because the other erotic vacation companies usually show up with a few girls but here I was and 2 guys picked me up with no girls! They were both great and assured me that the girls were waiting for me in the Villa. I had chosen their best Package. It was the VIP Package and included 3 girls each day for 24 hours a day. They gave me a big ice cold beer and we had a few laughs on the way to Villa. I could tell right off the bat this was going to be one hell of a trip. 


We arrive at the Villa 15 minutes later and the place was a Fortress. I felt like a Drug Lord going past those gates with armed guards. The Dominican Republic is funny like that. Everywhere you go, the security guards carry Shotguns so it can be a little intimidating if it is your first time. We get through the gate, go up the mountain and arrive at this beautiful Villa with the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life. The "Tony Montana Villa' as they called it sat atop a Mountain in Puerto Plata and had views overlooking the Caribbean Sea. If Pablo Escobar had a place in the Dr, this would be it. The views were truly breathtaking and I knew I was in store for a great vacation. I arrive, I am greeted by 3 of the best looking girls I have ever seen in the DR. I have to tell you, I could not believe how gorgeous these girls were. I did not even know women like this existed there. The girls on their website do not do them justice. They do not represent the girls they have.They need to invest in a photographer. Their girls in real life are much MUCH better. None of the girls I had requested were there (okay maybe only 2 of them lol) but the girls I got were absolutely stunning. They were all spinners with beautiful faces, perfect bodies and amazing personalities.


These guys are nothing like the other Sex Vacation Companies. They are not a Sex Resort or an Escort Vacation Property. They are a private vacation company that provides exclusive accommodations to their guests. Their Villa is a private Villa. I was in a 5 bedroom Villa all by myself. It was like I had my own million dollar place in the DR. Every other time I visited the DR, I stayed at a Resort with other guests. I had no problem with that until the last time I was at a certain resort (not to name any names) and I walked out of my room to find a completely drunk asshole taking off his clothes, throwing up, then trying to kiss all the girls. NASTY!  I was done after that and decided to try Playboy Vacation's more personable approach. I was always well aware that the girls in these Sex Resorts were prostitutes and escorts and didn't quite understand how Playboy Vacation was able to provide 'normal' girls that will do whatever I wanted until now.


See, their girls really are normal dominican girls and they're are all basically looking for a Sugar Daddy.  That is how they market it to their girls. Come party in the lap of luxury and meet the man of your dreams! They do not pay their girls. Their girls come from all over the Island specifically to compete against each other so they may meet the man of their dreams. Both Payton and his partners are all married to beautiful Dominican women and for the past few years, their business model was introducing guys to marry Dominican girls. He even has a radio show in Toronto. Many of his past clients met girls in the DR and either ended up marrying them and taking them back to Canada or decided to keep them as girlfriends in the DR. As a result, they have lots and lots of non working girls that are looking to hook up with American guys. They are basically doing the exact same thing except marketing this as a 'sex vacation'. In reality, my vacation was like a dating vacation. I felt like I was on the TV show The Bachelor. Don't get me wrong, I had sex. I had tons and tons of sex with each and every girl and in every position imaginable but my connections with the girls went deeper than anything I had ever expected. We were kissing, holding hands, hugging and touching. I could see the sadness in their eyes the day they were leaving because they knew I was going to meet another girl. It felt like I was with a girlfriend every day because each experience was just as passionate as the last. It was truly amazing.


I have been all over the DR and have tried almost every Sex Resort and Escort Vacation provider out there. Nothing even compares to these guys. It's an erotic vacation on a whole different level. I joked and said if we could pull this off in the US, we would all be billionaires but it's true, there are many dating sites like and but you are never guaranteed that the girls will actually have sex with you or dance for you or try to please you. Playboy Vacation guarantees it and I'm telling you their girls are out of this world. I initially planned on staying 3 nights but ended up staying a few extra nights because I wanted to see some of my girls again by themselves. The great thing is they gave me a super rate and were very fair. Never did I once feel like I was being taken advantage of and although their rates are higher than everyone else, its well worth it. These guys gave me a massive Villa all to myself. I had a Host, a Chauffeur, a Maid, a Translator, a Butler, a Personal Chef who spoke English, Security Guards everywhere and I was eating Steaks drinking Grey Goose and sipping Champagne the entire time. I went Golfing and Deep Sea Fishing and it was all included. (Almost caught a Marlin) It doesn't get better than this. If you are interested in trying an erotic vacation or an escort vacation without the escorts OR if you're like me, and looking to find a girlfriend in the DR, give Playboy Vacation a try. The only thing missing was a rose ceremony. Next time guys. :)





(The VIP Package)





I met Payton playing poker in Vegas at the Wynn and he told me about playboy vacation and I didn't believe him. I was like yeah, sure, like that shit exists but then I saw his wife. She was honestly the sexiest girl I have ever seen and I live in Vegas! I said I have to give this shit a try. The Dominican Republic has the best looking babes in the world especially if you're into tanned women like me. There is something in the water down there I tell ya cuz these girls are like the energizer bunny on steroids. They're, hot, they're sexy, they love to f*&k and they keep going and going. 


My vacation was sick. Stunning girls, excellent beaches, great golf, and I won $1000 at the Casino playing Blackjack. Now, that's a vacation.


Playboy Paul from Vegas

(The Platinum Package)




I especially liked the Erotic Vacations Resort. It was very nice even tho I think I went to the pool once. I didn't even go to the beach haha and I knew it was there. I was looking at it every day. The bed was comfortable and I had cable tv and wifi. Why would I leave my room. Your girls are elegant, extravagant and a lot of fun. I will be back every other month for the rest of my life. (I need a month off to recuperate haha)





(The Resort Package)




The Villa I had in the Dominican Republic was exceptional. My room was great. I would tell everyone to stay here and absolutely intend to go back myself again. I chose the Super Saver Package, it came with 1 girl per day and only cost $950! I was ecstatic with the girls; they were all sexy. My only problem was that there were too many to choose from. I am a ladies man, I love women so I was in my element. Your nightclub is something else. The girl/guy ratio was 10-1! It's not even like that in Cuba. I found my new spot. 


I had an epic time playboy vacation. You exceeded my expectations. The girlfriend experience you provide is unbelievable. People still don't believe me. I will be sure to contact you again when I’m ready for another vacation. 




Pat Wong.

(The Villa Package)



Actual Photo - Jerri, Elizabeth and Stephanie

By far the most professional company I've ever used in the DR. This organization is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the Dominican Republic and at all the resorts and if you want a proper VIP experience coupled with the best looking girls, you must select Playboy Vacation.


The key to their success is their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and their sheer drive for perfection. From their girls to the staff, to their Villas, to the activities, the food, the entertainment, everything was on point.


I decided to take the Super VIP Package at one of their private villas and the second an ash would fall off my cigar and onto an ashtray, it would be cleaned up by one of the staff. I smoke cigars and Payton had my preferred Cuban cigars at the Villa. He brought them from Canada to ensure their authenticity. Everything he did was spot on. Drinks would never melt, beers would never get warm, food would never get cold, the staff was always attentive and the girls were all eager to please. Everyone was friendly, the girls were passionate and engaging and not on their cell phones like the other places I stayed at. Payton runs a tight ship and although he jokes a lot, everyone respects him and takes him very seriously. He went as far as to bring a DJ for my pool party and whoa, what a party. Imagine 5 girls drinking, dancing and competing for your affection in their bikinis. I will leave it at that.


I highly recommend Playboy Vacation for individuals seeking a luxurious and flawless adult vacation and especially recommend them for private groups. All I kept thinking is if my friends could see me now.


I will be back Payton, and will bring the guys with me. I already told them, annual Vegas trips are canceled. 


I had an absolutely  FANTASTIC vacation. Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I'm in the preliminary planning stages for a return visit. Once I know more, and get a date nailed down, I'll be back in touch with you. I promised you a review of my spectacular time, so here it is:


I had been interested in taking a vacation to the DR for quite some time. After reviewing many options, I decided on Playboy Vacation, and I can tell you I was NOT disappointed. From the very beginning, Payton was the most professional, informative and detail oriented person you could ever hope for. Everything, and I mean everything was just as advertised on the site. I chose a 5 night stay in one of his Super VIP Villas. The villa was spectacular in every way, from the pristine accommodations to the staff, (Chef, Maids, Butlers, etc.) The food was awesome and better than you would get in a 5 star hotel. Payton saw to my every need: what type of liquor I preferred, my preferences for food , and the beautiful ladies. He essentially planned my vacation before I arrived.


My first day started off with a Las Vegas style pool party complete with Hor's d'oeuvres, any type of drinks you would imagine and 5 gorgeous girls! We all made our way into the infinity pool at the super villa and the girls proceeded to dance to the music and we had an all out love fest! At times I had 3 beautiful girls surrounding me in the pool with there hands, arms and lips all over my body. What a dream come true! These girls are top notch, and not escorts. They are classy, compassionate and caring. After a 5 star dinner, the fun really began to start. The girls changed into some very sexy outfits, and proceed to dance and do other things I'll leave it to your imagination! Be sure to bring some extra money for the competitions Payton has in store for you. I can tell you they are out of this world! The competitions that Payton has in store for you to participate in will BLOW your mind, if you know what I mean!


Suffice to say it was something one could never even dream of happening, but it did! During the course of the afternoon and into the early evening, I spent individual time with each girl in my super king bedroom. I was not disappointed. The girls are amazing lovers, with a strong desire to please you, and boy they did! I decided to have 2 of the girls share my bed with me that night, and it was amazing.


The next day I decided to trim it down to only 4 girls! The second night was another competition of dancing and other erotic things I'll leave to your imagination. It was mind BLOWING!


After the first 2 days of non-stop partying and erotic encounters with the beautiful ladies I knew I didn't have the stamina to take care of 3 ladies 24/7, so I decided to go a little more relaxed and picked one beautiful girl to spend my last 3 days in a more intimate setting.


I strongly recommend a Super VIP Villa experience. You are attended to like royalty. Anything you ask for, you shall receive! In short, the food, the accommodations the service and of course the ladies were more than I had expected. I could go on and on about the service, but trust me Payton delivers all that is promised, and more! Playboy Vacation will take care of you like you've never been taken care of before. I'll be making a return trip very soon.

Thank you again Payton, for the experience of a lifetime!!!


Josh B.


(The VIP Package  - plus a Vegas Style Pool Party)

So you are considering a Playboy Vacation? If you are reading this review then you are doing your homework and deciding if this vacation is for you. I was skeptical at first. I viewed the website and looked at the pics many times. I read through all of the reviews. I emailed Payton many times asking him a variety of questions. I can tell you this review is legit and PB Vacations is the real deal. What you see and read on the website is accurate and NOT misleading. PB Vacations delivers on what they advertise and sell to you. The ladies are incredible, the food is phenomenal and the customer service is 5 star quality!


I want to start with the customer service. I realize you are probably here for the ladies, right? However, the customer service is just as important. Think about it for a second, you probably have no idea what it takes to organize a personal chef, host, and waiter for your vacation in the Dominican Republic? PB Vacations delivers on customer service and more! Getting beautiful ladies to join with you is a part of this vacation, but there is so much more to the PB Vacation experience. I believe the challenging part to this vacation is knowing you have a support team to tend to ALL of your needs. Do you need fresh fruit for your meals? You got it. Do you need pork or chicken prepared for your meals? Done. Want fresh vegetables? Not an issue for PB Vacations. I wanted a lot of fresh water during the day and whiskey/beer at night. No problem. PB Vacations delivered with customer service. The team Payton has assembled is ready and willing to make your vacation a 5 star experience! 


Next is the food. You are in the Dominican Republic. What are you going to eat and what about the quality of the meals? PB Vacations has you covered. Prior to my arrival I spoke with Payton about my meal preferences. Everything I asked for PB Vacations delivered for me. You must ask for the chicken fajitas! Request Payton makes his own personal pico de gallo at some point! You will not be disappointed! Imagine a breakfast custom prepared to your preference! For me that breakfast was fresh fruit with grilled pork chops topped off with scrambled eggs! Very delicious! How about lunch? Its up to you! I chose a grilled sandwich. Not your typical sandwich. This sandwich was custom made for my taste buds! What is for dinner? That is up to you! You are the director of your vacation so you get to decide what is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! One night for dinner I had bbq chicken. Now you must understand that I am from Texas. BBQ is a big deal in Texas. PB Vacations cooked me BBQ chicken in the Dominican Republic and it was delicious! My advice to you is talk to Payton and customize your meals the way YOU want them!


Now I will discuss the ladies. Wow! The pics are accurate! These ladies are beautiful! Yes they will make love to you and party with you! The contests are incredible! I won't discuss the specifics of what happens in these contests, but you won't be disappointed! Bring an extra $100/night for the contests. It is well worth it. These ladies are not escorts. They are women in the Dominican Republic hoping to meet a distinguished gentleman. Are you that distinguished gentleman these ladies want to meet and be with? Book a vacation and find out for yourself. I have nothing to gain or lose by stating in this review that the women PB Vacations delivers to you are everything you see in their pictures and profile bios. At minimum join the VIP club and review the videos and pics that PB Vacations has developed for these beautiful Dominican women! 


In closing I will say don't worry about any possible language barriers, safety concerns, or security challenges during your PB Vacation in the Dominican Republic. Everything has been carefully planned and your PB Vacation experience will be safe, secure, and discreet. No, this is not a fake review. This is a genuine review from a Texas country boy who booked a vacation to the DR with PB Vacations. I was not disappointed and I plan to return soon. If you are still skeptical I recommend booking a 3 night stay and checking it out for yourself. Once you get here you will be thinking about booking a week long vacation next time around. Enjoy your PB Vacation experience and remember that YOU are the director of your vacation so dream big and enjoy it all!


From deep in the heart of Texas in the USA - Austin B. 


(the Gold Package)

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